Infuse Life Into Your Soul: The Personal Connection [cityname]

Herein lies your stepping stone – the opportunity, open-ended possibility – to infuse life once again, into your soul in United States of America.

[cityname]: Youngest child off to school… utterly terrifying, by a Complex PTSD survivor

Sh*t… it’s f’ing hard. Not usually my beautiful public school education lingo, but it’s far from ‘jolly hockeysticks darlings’. For the 8th morning in a row, my little 4 year old boy was afraid, scared, terrified about going to school. United States of America

[cityname]: I’m (a PTSD survivor work in progress) going places!

What do you other mums or dads feel like when you’ve been at home caring full time for your little ones and then SUDDENLY they’re both at school and you’re LOST? How can I find my drive and proactive energy to get through the hours I’m apart from them? I have always had all-consuming and demanding careers until I became a stay at home mummy 4 years ago. United States of America

[cityname]: My heart belongs to Daddy, a Veteran with Complex PTSD

The first time I was out of my parents’ physical reach I was truly on my own. Aged 6. I was to become the survivor, the soldier, the toughie (his words). I was Daddy’s number 1 ‘son’. I was groomed to follow in his footsteps from that moment forward. United States of America

[cityname]: Dear Santa, Please may I have a new brain? Love Laura, a Compex PTSD survivor

Christmas is coming. It’s bloody well almost round the mountain, about to ‘sleigh’ my brain all over again. The annual dread of the ‘big day’. Memories, triggers, confusing feelings, remorse and more. Sound familiar? Heavens above, you are not alone! United States of America

[cityname]: A glimpse of hope? CBD and PTSD.

It is one week and 2 days since I started taking full spectrum CBD oil. What a shock though to be hit between the eyes with the reality of the ying and yang of ‘me’ and what is is like to live with ‘me’, what it is to love and depend on ‘me’…with and without CBD. United States of America

[cityname]: Freedom from PTSD fear feels so good.

CPTSD (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a nasty piece of work. Getting away to the countryside for half term with the children was a mental mission! United States of America

The Dorey Method Strategy [cityname]

The Dorey Method in United States of America specializes in restoring an individual’s well-being from years of trauma, abuses and violence founded on the core fundamental principle of The Affirmative Environment.